In 2002 Peter Talan created the White Eagle Saddle Pad Company. An avid horseman and horse owner for over thirty years; his experience taught him the importance of comfort and how it translates into the horse's willingness and desire to learn.

Understanding the anatomy of the horse and the importance of proper saddle pad fit, our White Eagle team consulted with breeders, trainers, vets and consumers to hear what they wanted from a good fitting pad. Our aim was to develop a saddle pad that could minimize, and prevent long term negative impact on the spine, leg's and deep back muscle tissue of our horses. Our research and development over several years yielded a saddle pad that has become the choice of thousands of satisfied customers.

Our line of pads have just the correct combination of natural materials and design configuration, delivering long term comfort for both horse and rider. Our customers email and comment that our saddle pads exceed their expectations and get better and better with use. That explains why the United States Patent Office has awarded us with both a Design and Utility Patent on the Western Legend series.

Our saddle pads are distinctive and represent Excellence in Craftsmanship.
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