"Here at Cox Performance Horses, we are excited and proud to endorse White Eagle Saddle Pads. We put alot of miles and competitions on our horses. We have finally found a pad to stand up to the all day ride. These pads are durable and fit every horse we put them on. The design of the pad and the performance they deliver is unbeatable and they look great and portray the Old West look. Roy and I give White Eagle Saddle Pads a #1 rating. "
-Theresa & Ray Cox

White Eagle Saddle Pad Company is honored to have Theresa & Roy Cox endorse our line of Western Saddle Pads. To this winning couple, success comes only as a result of natural talent, hard work and dedication. Their recognition of the quality and performance of our saddle pads is further proof that our White Eagle line has become a brand leader for discerning riders.

Tried & True Cowboy
Roy Cox is not exactly the imposing sort. He's averaged sized, with a somewhat beaten cowboy hat and a big, bushy moustache standing out. And he's got a Midwest twang that comes from a lifetime in Missouri.
    Yep, Roy is a cowboy. But he's also much more. He's a Level 6 shooter and probably the most prolific mounted shooting horse trainer in the history of the sport. He's trained, sold and bought countless horses; he's got a reputation to match those numbers. Yet the man is seemingly unaffected by his notoriety.
    Not too long after joining the shooters, he got hooked up with a long time friend Theresa, whom he later married. The team is unstoppable. The couple has turned over 140 mounted shooting competition horses, something no other trainer might be able to claim. Roy admits to spending plenty of time and money hunting for prospects. This strategy is paying off. Riders of Cox horses are winning. Nothing makes the Cox's happier though than to see a customer form a lifelong partnership with their equine counterpart.
   While Cowboy mounted shooting might very well be the best thing that ever happened to the horse community, Roy Cox may very well be the best thing that ever happened to Cowboy Mounted shooting. Next time you go to a shoot, look for that purple handprint brand on the left hip. That is the mark of success.

To learn more about
Theresa & Roy go to www.coxperformancehorses.com

Theresa Cox's Bio:
2003: EUSC Champion Cowgirl
2004, 2005, & 2006: National Champion Cowgirl
2003, 2004, & 2006: WUSC Champion Cowgirl

2005 EUSC Reserve Cowgirl, 2004 World Reserve Champion Cowgirl
2004 MSA World and National Champion Cowgirl
2004 & 2006 National Eliminator Champion Cowgirl

2005 & 2006 EUSC Pro Cowgirl

2005 WUSC Women's Rifle Champion
2006 WUSC & World Women's Rifle Champion

2006 & 2007 World Hi Point Average Cowgirl

2007 Women's Reserve National Champion Cowgirl
2007 Overall EUSC Overall Champion Cowgirl

2007 Held 3 World Record Course Times

Theresa and her horse Biscuit