The Western Legend Series has been endorsed by Franklin Levinson, the real life horse Whisperer. "Showing humans how to have the highest and best relationship with their horses and how to keep it has always been one of Franklin's main goals. To be good with horses at a high level requires us humans to come forward with our best qualities and attributes."

He speaks of the Western Legend Series on his web site "Franklin really likes these!!! Featuring the Pad Lock-System, the look, quality, craftsmanship and functionality of this all-purpose western saddle pad has revolutionized the western pad and still maintains the spirit and look of the great American west." Quite and accomplishment!

"As a lifetime horseman and professional trainer for over 40 years, I am always on the lookout for new and innovative products that enhance a horse's performance and look great as well. I first saw White Eagle Saddle Pads advertised in a respected horse Magazine. I was immediately attracted to them by their distinctive piping. Upon investigation of their web site and the claims they made about how the Saddle Pad performed, I decided to try one. I was delighted with the look & fine detail of my saddle pad from the moment I took it out of the box. With regard to the pads performance, my pads never go out of position, the sweat marks indicating saddle fit are perfect in every circumstance and the pads look terrific under my various saddles. I get constant compliments from my students and those I ride with on the beauty and craftsmanship of the White Eagle Saddle Pads. And after all my years as a horseman and clinician they are the only Saddle Pads I Ride, and I Ride every Day. I Highly Recommend White Eagle Saddle Pads to all riders that want an absolutely beautiful distinctive and well functioning Saddle Pad. Well Done White Eagle Saddle Pad Company!"

Franklin Levinson
Snowmass, Colorado

Click here to learn more about Franklin and his world wide training programs, Way of the Horse and the Maui Horse Whisperer Experience.


World Famous Saddle Maker, Dale Chavez, is proud to announce that he will now be offering the Old Master Signature Collection line of saddle pads, exclusive only to Dale Chavez Saddlery

The renowned saddle maker will be offering a select combination of color choices that compliment his extraordinary line of saddles and strap goods, and will have his famous signature embossed on the wear leathers.

Be sure to visit the Dale Chavez Company booth at the Denver Market January 2009, where he will be introducing the Old Master Saddle Pads
and his new line of Silver Saddle Replicas from the 1940's & 50's. So please stop by and say hello.

We Look Forward To Seeing You There!

"I have been searching for over fifteen years for a source that could make high quality Corona Saddle Pads comparable to the old Bohlin pads that date back to the mid forty's and fifty's about one month ago I discovered an article accompanied with a photo on the White Eagle Saddle Pad Co's Old Master Series. The description and the quality appeared to good to be true, so I had the company ship me a few. Well I was amazed, these Saddle Pads were far above my expectations, why their better then the old originals. They fit my parade saddles line perfectly, and there made so well that they can be used by every day trail riders, barrel horse racers and pretty much any type of discipline."

Dale Chavez
Dale Chavez Saddle Company

I will be presenting the Dale Chavez Signature Series of the Old Master at the Denver Show in January. We will be presenting special color combinations, made exclusively for us by White Eagle.